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Goose Decoys - for Serious Goose Hunters

Goose Hunting is a spectacular sport! And to kill geese consistently – you need the right decoys! Welcome to GooseDekes.com where the only thing we sell is high quality goose hunting decoys, high quality duck hunting decoys and the best waterfowling supplies available on the market.

The founders of GooseDekes.com are hard core waterfowlers who spend dozens of days in the field each year – just like you – and we live for this stuff!

Whether you like to shoot big honkers with their feet down, or huge swarms of snows bombing in to reward the effort of placing a big spread – GooseDekes.com has everything you need.

We hope that you enjoy the easy navigation through our website. This site has been designed to be as simple as possible to use – as we realize that you are likely comparing a few decoy options. So we have designed this site the way we would like to see it – where you can compare several Canada goose decoys side by side – or easily compare one specklebelly full body to the next.

You will notice that GooseDekes.com is split into several decoy categories that make sense for comparing different products and manufacturers. The site is split into sections based on species of geese (Canadas, Snows, Blues & Specks), styles of decoys (full bodies, shells, silhouettes, floaters) and also split up once again based on the decoy companies. So some of our decoys will be listed in more than one category, which was done intentionally, so your decoy purchase is as smooth and easy as possible.

Canada Goose Decoys

Hunting Canada geese over a decoy spread is nothing short of addictive! Whether you're five years old on your first hunt with your dad, or in your fifties and trying goose hunting for the first time – seeing a big flock of honkers lock up towards your spread is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going! Once you've had a taste of Canadas decoying in tight – there's no turning back.

While once upon a time shooting a Canada goose was rare, today it is a common event. And with more and more goose hunters hitting the fields as populations continue to rise, decoy tactics are getting more competitive. Two dozen shell decoys and an old goose call may get the job done in a blizzard – but most days will require something more.

Canada goose decoys have advanced dramatically over the past several years to the point of being almost real enough to pluck! Feather detailing, improved painting techniques and “flocked” texturing are giving today's goose decoys a look like we've never seen before.

Please choose from one of the following sections to find the best Canada goose decoys for your hunting situation. Whether you're hunting honkers over dry fields in Canada, or decoying migrators into your lease, GooseDekes.com has the right decoys for you!

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Snow Goose Decoys

Snow goose hunting (especially spring snow goose hunting) has grown significantly in popularity over the past ten years. Snow goose populations are exploding and even with the spring conservation hunts that were introduced several years ago, snow geese swarm the flyways every spring and fall in staggering numbers. While biologists have every right to be concerned, snow goose hunters are celebrating!

Snow goose populations are at an all time high today, and hunting opportunities are available more than ever. However, with adult birds growing older and wiser with each migration, snow goose hunters must improve their game (and their decoy spreads) if they want to stand even a decent chance at decoying the “white devil” as many have named him!

Snow geese are unpredictable. One day they will be swarming a feeding field until dark – leaving hunters tossing in their beds waiting for a memorable morning. The next day the hunters return (sometimes with thousands of decoys in tow) to sit scratching their heads and wondering what happened to all of the geese. Anyone who has hunted snows for more than a few days knows this feeling all too well.

So why do we do it? Because snow goose hunting can be spectacular! Wave after wave of migrating snows bomb in on warm South winds and keep barrels blazing fast and furiously. Retrievers snatch whites and blues until they're exhausted – and photos tell only parts of the tales. For serious snow goose hunters, setting a rig of 1,000 decoys or more is just part of the game. Fortunately, as snow goose decoys have advanced with the populations, rigs of 1,000 decoys aren't the only trick in the book anymore.

Motion decoys such as Snow Goose Flyers are helping to improve the odds. For snow goose hunters interested in taking it a step further, top decoy companies have also released a motorized spinning decoy that can fly either 2 or 4 decoys around your spread – even without a wind. As snow goose hunters adapt, snow goose decoy spreads improve dramatically.

For examples of Great Snow Goose Decoy Spreads please check out our sections on Setting Effective Snow Goose Decoy Spreads and also see our Snow Goose Decoy Spread Photos.

Blue Goose Decoys

Snow goose hunting can be tough business – even on the good days – and realism in your decoy spread can be the difference between barrel melting shoots and frustrating days in the field. Adding a realistic number of Blue Goose Decoys to your spread will help to keep birds interested and make your spread stand out from competing set ups in your area.

Blue Goose Decoys have advanced in the past few years as spring Snow goose hunting has become more popular. Full body decoys, shell decoys and even silhouettes are now available with very realistic Blue goose coloring and detail. If you want to kill more snows and blues in your decoys, you will definitely want to add some Blues to your rig.

There is also one thing to keep in mind when using Blue goose decoys in your set up:

The percentage of Blues mixed in with the Snow geese varies depending on your area and flyway. It is important to have a realistic percentage of Blues in your spread. For example, in parts of the Central Flyway we often see flocks consisting of (approximately) 25% - 30% Blue Geese with the remaining 70% - 75% being Snows. In other parts of the flyways, the Blue color phase is extremely rare, so setting up a decoy spread with a large number of Blues may not be realistic. So pay attention to details when you're scouting, and make your decoy spread look as realistic as possible compared to the live flock.

Please click here to see our selection of available Blue Goose Decoys.

Specklebelly Goose Decoys

Specklebellies are fun to hunt, and can be challenging to decoy consistently throughout the season. When you're hunting specks you don't always expect to see birds backpedaling into the decoys, but more likely cruising overhead and taking a close look over the spread. If you want to see more specks dropping their feet and come head first into your set up, adding lifelike Specklebelly Goose Decoys to your spread can help get the job done.

As with many other species of geese, decoys have improved dramatically over the past five years – and realism is easy to find! GooseDekes.com offers a large variety of Specklebelly Shells, Full Bodies, Silhouettes and Flyers.

Please click here for a variety of available Specklebelly Goose Decoys.

Floating Goose Decoys

Goose shoots over water can be spectacular. When a big flock of geese locks up and comes gliding into your floaters it's something to be remembered! Floating Goose Decoys can be used completely on their own or mixed in with field decoys on the shoreline. Goose floaters are also excellent confidence decoys for duck shoots over water.

Within the past 2-3 years Floating Goose Decoys from the top companies in the industry have completely changed the game. The realistic detailing on the new styles of floaters is incredible, so it's no surprise that the geese can't resist it.

For serious Snow goose hunters, especially spring snow goose hunters, high quality Floating Snow Goose Decoys can be an important part of intercepting migrating geese. With springtime setups over roost ponds bordering feeding fields, huge mixed spreads of field decoys mixed with floaters are often the deadliest combination.

Please click here for GooseDekes.com's selection of Floating Goose Decoys.

Flying Goose Decoys

Adding a number of Flying Goose Decoys to your set up can sometimes be the quickest way to improve your results. Lifelike movement within a decoy spread is very important, especially on low wind days, and adding a group of flyers to your spread can instantly change the reaction you get from incoming or passing geese. The confidence of seeing other birds touching down into your spread can often be enough to get the birds to let their guards (and their landing gear) down.

Snow goose hunters have capitalized on this more than any other group, as huge spreads of white windsocks and rags often need something unique to help get a goose's attention. Stacking up a flock of Snows and Blues that appear to be landing in the decoys only takes a couple of minutes, and results will speak for themselves.

To take it to another level altogether, you can add a Rotary Machine and actually have decoys flying around your decoy spread – even without a wind! Rotary Decoy Machines have only recently come onto the market, and as a result hunters using them are a huge step ahead of the competition. One company has even released a new version as a 4 Armed Rotary Machine which will spin four Flying Decoys over your spread and attract geese right to the “X”.

Goose Decoy Accessories & Hunting Accessories

GooseDekes.com is pleased to offer a selection of high quality goose hunting accessories including layout blinds, goose flags, decoy bags, goose calls, goose cleaning equipment and more.

A brief description of each category is below, but please click here for our current selection of Goose Decoy Accessories and Hunting Accessories.

Goose Hunting Layout Blinds (Coffin Blinds)

For serious and experienced goose hunters, there haven't been many products to come out in the history of goose hunting that are as significant as layout blinds. Layout blinds (or coffin blinds) are the most effective way to keep a low profile in your decoy spreads without digging a pit. Quite frankly, with the amount of work that goes into a successful goose hunt already, digging pits would be too much work for most! Layout blinds are also very easy to transport – even on your back with some designs. So if conditions don't work for driving into a field, or you're walking decoys in for a duck shoot with very little cover, layout blinds can be the ultimate solution. They're lightweight, portable – and provide deadly concealment!

GooseDekes.com is pleased to offer layout blinds from the best companies in the business. If you don't use these already, this may be the one trick you've been looking for to kill more geese.

Please click here to see our selection of Goose Hunting Layout Blinds.

Goose Decoy Bags

Back in the “old days”, goose decoy bags had a striking resemblance to burlap sacks! How many of us have hunted with our fathers, uncles and grandfathers and pulled dusty old decoys out of 50 year old burlap bags? Fortunately, things have changed and today's Goose Decoy Bags have advanced and improved.

With the development of high quality full body decoys (especially flocked full body decoys) the amount of care that goes into storing your spread has become much more important. While we have all seen decoy trailers full to the roof with full bodies, shells and everything but the kitchen sink, typically we like to be more organized. Today's decoy bags can help.

One excellent example of this is a Slotted Decoy Bag which carries a number of decoys (including full bodies) in individual slots – protecting them from rubbing and crashing into each other. This will improve the long term quality of your decoys and also makes decoy set up and pick up more manageable.

Please click here to see our selection of high quality Goose Decoy Bags.

Goose Hunting Videos and DVDs

Waterfowlers love to see ducks and geese cup to the decoys and cross that magic line that puts them into range. Whether it's the middle of the hunting season in between hunts, or in the middle of July waiting for opening day, waterfowlers love to watch “the show”.

GooseDekes.com is pleased to offer a selection of what we feel are some of the best Goose Hunting Videos and DVDs of all time! If you're already a serious waterfowler, you're guaranteed to love these. If you're a novice waterfowler just learning the ropes, you can get a feel for how it's supposed to look when it works!

We've included a selection of some of our favorite Goose Hunting Videos and DVDs which can help get you through those long summer months. Or just get you pumped up for an upcoming hunt! While there are more and more high quality Goose Hunting DVDs hitting the market these days, some of our favorites will be classics for years to come. If you haven't seen any of the available videos or DVDs, we highly recommend them all! These are the videos that get watched over and over and over again.

Please click here for a great selection of Goose Hunting Videos and DVDs.

Goose Calls

Having an effective decoy spread is a large part of the goose hunting game. While you will typically do fairly well with a large spread of quality decoys and a small amount of respectable calling, there are days where a quality goose call is the number one difference between piling the birds up and leaving the field empty handed.

The topic of “how to call geese” could be debated until the end of time, and we're not suggesting that we have all of the answers. However, a high quality goose call is definitely a valuable goose hunting tool – and it can be the game changer on certain days in the field.

As hunting pressure increases throughout the season, geese wise up quickly to decoy spreads and amateur goose callers. In situations where you are competing with other hunters and other decoy spreads to attract the same flock of passing geese, Great Sounding Goose Calls can blow your competition out of the water.

With a lot of seasons in the field, experienced goose hunters will tell you how satisfying it is to “steal” a flock of passing geese from another group of hunters – simply using exceptional goose calling. On other days, when the birds simply aren't responding to typical tricks and tactics, a high end goose call can get birds to commit.

GooseDekes.com is pleased to offer a selection of high quality Canada Goose Calls, Snow Goose Calls, Specklebelly Calls and E-Callers for Hunting Snow Geese.

Please check here for our selection of High Quality Goose Callsincluding audio samples of each call!

Goose Cleaning Equipment

Goose hunting is awesome! Early morning sunrises in the decoy spreads, wings cupped with geese locking in on the call, and barrels blazing sending birds tumbling into the dekes. That's the fun part! But “what in the world are we gonna do with all of these geese?

Fortunately for goose hunters (particularly snow goose hunters!) there have been a couple of new products to recently hit the market and speed up the goose cleaning process dramatically.

While this is only a small section of the GooseDekes.com website, we think that these two products will save you so much time cleaning birds that it would be irresponsible to not offer them!

Please click here for full details and a product video showing the best bird cleaning product to ever hit the market! The video explains it better than thousands of words could even come close to! Watch the Video here.

Secondly, there is a new product that will enable you to clean out the cavity of plucked geese (and ducks, pheasants, etc.) without needing to actually reach inside the bird. It's safe to say that given a vote – this would normally be the least favorite part of the process!

Please click here for full details about this product.

Bird Carriers

If you have ever had the experience of walking in to a shoot for a long distance, and then hammering ducks and geese while you're there, chances are that you've asked yourself this question at least once. “How in the heck are you going to get your decoys, your gun, and all of these dead birds out of there?”

If this hasn't happened to you yet – it probably will! Let's say you scout a pond with a decent mix of ducks, Canadas, Specks and Snows. You decide to walk in your lightweight spread of 100 Sillosocks since it's “only about a half mile” and the field is too wet to drive.

You set up your decoys, wait for the birds to come back, and before you know it the action is fast and furious. Ducks are coming. Geese are coming. Your retriever is a busy boy! By the time the smoke clears and shooting light is over, you have a pile of ducks and geese to get out of there – and only two hands!

GooseDekes.com is committed to providing high quality products for serious waterfowlers. So we are pleased to offer a small selection of bird carriers that can get you out of the field in fewer, stress free trips.

Please click here to see our selection of Bird Carriers.

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